You Just Cannot Make this Stuff Up

08 Aug
Audi A4 1.9 TDI Catalytic Converter

Can’t (and don’t need to) make this stuff up.

Our insured walked out of his house early in the morning to go to work, just like any other day. He got in his car, turned it on to an AWFUL racket. One would have thought that he had started a NASCAR auto in his driveway. He immediately shut off his car and looked underneath…only to discover that someone had (under cover of darkness) stolen his catalytic converter. Yep, cut it off with a torch in the middle of the night with nary a thank you note left on the windshield. The claim, of course, is covered under the “other than collision” physical damage coverage on the Personal Auto Policy.

If any of you have an odd little claim to share, feel free! Please add it to this blog.



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