Cyber Liability

15 Sep

Review your client’s internet information.

When renewing any client’s coverage, always perform the following internet searches:
• Company name
• Company website
• Key executives


By searching the company name, you can find out quite a bit about your own client, such as customers or suppliers; trade shows in which they participate; property owned by them; lawsuits filed or pending against them; government contracts; articles written by or about them, etc.

By searching the company website, you can: identify many types of risks (some of which may be exaggerations by the company); use the “about us” page as part of your submission packet (always verify accuracy with company); identify key personnel and contact information; check for trademarks, logos; audio and video; ads from other companies; articles and commentary. Trademarks, logos, audio, video, articles and commentary all fall within the category of “intellectual property” and should be either owned by the company or the company has been given permission in writing to use or post these items.

By searching the key executives by their name, you can: find other companies, both profit and non-profit, that they are linked with. This can be both a sales opportunity as well as a means to identify coverage extensions that might be necessary. For example, you may find that the President of the company is also a board member of a local charity. The Directors and Officers Liability policy needs to be extended to pick up this exposure. This is also a perfect cross-sell opportunity.

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