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27 Oct

Write a Newsletter!

There are four critical steps you must take in order to set yourself apart as an expert for the industry that you have chosen to target market.  One of those steps is to create a newsletter.  This does not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning publication.  It can be a one or two page newsletter that you will send out quarterly.  It should include articles of interest specific to that industry.  These can include, the state of the workers’ compensation in you state, claims prevention, or explanations of coverage and suggestions of new coverage.

Let me illustrate the importance of writing newsletters: I went on a new business appointment and found that the owner had one of my newsletters dealing with independent contractor status pasted to the wall next to her desk.  I told her that I didn’t realize that I had insured her before.  She said “you haven’t, I got this from another floor covering dealer and I’ve been operating by your rules ever since.”  This gave me instant credibility and I easily wrote the account.  In the coming months I will write about the three other items that you must do in order to prove that you are an expert in insuring an industry.

Written by:
Jerry Nisker
Target Marketing Training


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