Scariest Insurance Claims

31 Oct

Boo! The following are a series of the scariest claims our members have handled over the past.  Their spooky, scary and just downright frightening.  Do you have a scary claim? Share it!


Several years ago I insured a tavern.  One summer evening they left the front door open & a skunk came wandering in.  Rather than scat the skunk out the bartender filled a bowl with beer & put it down for the skunk to drink.  Well, the skunk took a liking to the beer & finished off 2 bowls.  At which time he started attacking several of the patrons, biting one of them.

The bartender panicked, called the police department who responded along with the fire department.  They contained the skunk nearby until the animal officer arrived who caged it and took it away.

The patron that was bit sued the tavern and the claim was paid.  I was thinking maybe the term “drunk as a skunk” came for a similar incident.

-J. Moran

Years ago, I wrote a multi family dwelling policy.  The building owner called me stating that his second floor tenant had something red dripping down from her ceiling on to her floor.  So the building owner went over to investigate & found his third floor tenant killed & had multiple forks (yes forks) & a screw driver stuck in him.

Obviously police were called & we had to find a special company to clean the bodily fluid that was also seasoned in working with the police Department.  As well as temporarily place the other building tenants in other residences.  Well low & behold, the murdered tenant was also an other commercial client of mine that owned a Cleaning company.  He was in the process of moving to Portugal & had originally made an arrangement to leave his business to his girlfriend, but then changed his mind & left it to his brother.  The girlfriend hired her friend to kill him.  The obviously un-skilled murderer realized that stabbing him in the head 4 times with a Phillips screwdriver still did not do the trick so he rummaged through the silverware drawer in the apartment & figured that every fork in the draw would eventually do the trick…  & left his victim with about 10 forks stuck in him all over his neck, head & chest…

A few days later,  before the girlfriend & her hired murderer were arrested, she came into the office seeking life insurance benefit’s that she thought  her now dead boyfriend he had taken out & she could receive .  Obviously nothing was paid out to her….. which didn’t help her legal bills I bet…..

-R. Stone

Insured called to ask if there was any coverage for her guest.  She was washing her glass eye and it fell down the drain.  Needless to say , no coverage on that policy!

Insured was driving away from a farm stand in Florida.  She caused a bad accident when she veered into the other lane of traffic.  The cause: her little round watermelon she just bought fell off the seat and jammed under the pedals causing the car to accelerate.  She tried to grab the watermelon and went into oncoming

Insured was driving in an icy parking lot.  His elderly girlfriend was in the vehicle.  They were talking and all of a sudden she did not respond.  He looked over and the door was open, she had fallen out of the seat and he was dragging her around the parking lot while she was holding onto the door handle.   The man never should have had a license at that point as he had previously backed over three motorcycles at a gasoline pump as he did not want to wait and also, in a separate incident, crossed a yellow line and ran his Cadi thru a group of motorcycle riders causing injury.  The girlfriend precluded the loss of license, finally!!

I have also had insured come home to find blood all over his condo.  Appears a duck got in and panicked, finally breaking its neck and dies on an antique white comforter.

-J. Macomber

I was investigating a third party claim in Marlboro Mass.  I had to visit a home that was located in the woods off rte 3.  After about a 10th of a mile walk, I was able to locate an old broken down house.  I knocked on the door and maybe a window or two.  As I was knocking on a door, I heard something running towards me.  I turned over to see what was coming, it was a 2000lb pig, which the owner of the home used a watchdog/pig.  I immediately jumped off the porch, land on my ass and started to run like Carl Lewis.  I ran so hard, I did a Dukes of Hazard over the front of my hood, landed on my ass again, before entering my vehicle.  I looked over to see where the pig was, he was right at my passenger door, looking right at me.  This is the honest god to truth.  I still laugh and get laughed at.

-R. Plante

In general, the scariest claims are those where the client calls in to report it and you realize they don’t have coverage (aikes!).  That being said, I do have one that comes to mind:

The scariest claim I am familiar with involves a funeral home/procession.  The church service was over.  The casket was placed in the hearse.  The procession heads down the road to the cemetery.  As the line of cars heads up a hill, the unsecured back door of the hearse comes open, the casket slides out and the vehicle the family was riding in hits the casket.  Probably the most horrifying claim the funeral home, the family of the deceased, or I have ever heard of.

G. Tapely

Last year my insured and his family went to a church Halloween Party. His teenage son was dressed as the Allstate Mayhem guy. While at the party their house was broken into, vandalized and computers and electronic games were stolen.

– P. Arnsparger

Many years ago a client called to delete /remove their daughter from the auto policy since she was away at college.  We discussed with her and told her not a good idea.  She left the daughter on the policy. A few weeks later.  The daughter was a passenger in a friend’s car at college.   The friend was driving too fast so the daughter told him to slow down.  He did not.  The daughter grabbed the steering wheel to try to take control of the car.

An accident happened serious bodily injury.  The daughter of our client was held responsible.   If our client had removed her/excluded her there would not have been any coverage.  So even though she was not driving the car she was at fault for grabbing the steering wheel.    Things happen and you most want to have the insurance in place.

-C. Schneider


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