Are you unstoppable?

14 Nov

Are you finding it more and more complex to run your business?
Do you feel like you suffer from the “Lonely Owner” syndrome?
Do you feel that you are just spinning your wheels sometimes?

How many professional athletes get to the top on his or her own, without a coach? Probably very few, if not no one. So why should a business person expect to get to the top of their industry without a coach? After all it is a very competitive environment, just like sports.

“Coaching,” whether for business or personal usage, is becoming more and more popular. The concept is not new, however. For years, people would learn to succeed through the efforts of apprenticeship programs or through mentors. The only difference is that today’s coach or mentor continues on, even after a certain level of success is reached.

A coach can be hired to help kick a stalled career into high gear, take the next big step on the leadership path or stay on top of mounting responsibilities. An effective coach can guide a person when addressing difficult issues and important relationships.

Coaching was once viewed by many only as a tool to help correct underperforming employees. However, today it is becoming much more widely used in supporting the top producers and employees. Coaching has evolved into the mainstream fast. This is because there is a great demand in the workplace for immediate results, and coaching can help provide that edge.

Often, executives and management need an objective, neutral sounding board to discuss challenges, opportunities and to express their perspective. A good coach will allow executives and managers to step away from the actual day-to-day routine and effectively strategize on how they and the business can reach beyond the current situation.

Personal or Life Coaching is the holistic approach to coaching. This type of coaching looks at where the individual currently is with their career, family, health, financial matters and all other facets of life. The individual and coach then work together to pull all theses pieces together into a roadmap for success.

Coaching will help the individual or team develop focus and take action towards achieving goals. A coach is like Jiminy Cricket, whispering guidance, encouragement and objective advice in the client’s ear. The coach can assist the client to take greater responsibility and accountability for their actions and commitments.

Coaching works best when there is a specific purpose or goal in mind. But simply having a clear purpose won’t guarantee coaching value. The client needs to be open to feedback and willing to move in a new direction in order to create positive change.

Often people are stuck because they cannot see available alternatives. The same thinking that created the stuck situation cannot resolve it. A new perspective is required. A coach can be the outside expert to help you get to the root cause and make fundamental changes.

The key to coaching success is that the coach is not tied to the organization, family or friends. The coach is tied to the client. This way the coach can be objective and support what the client needs and wants and where they want to go. A coach is not personally impacted by the client’s decisions for their career or life.

Working with a skilled facilitator, the client is encouraged to go deeper into what it is that they truly want. The purpose of a goal or vision will clarify if the current situation is on the right path, or if a new approach is needed. Why is the client doing what they are doing? The ultimate objective of coaching is to contribute to increased choice for the client leading to a more fulfilling life.

Firms that offer coaching, such as Oak & Associates, can help those who are seeking personal and professional change, growth, and development. We have noticed that the key is for our clients to understand that a primary requirement for a better, more fulfilling experience of life—personally or professionally—is their own internal change.

Written by:
Bill Schoeffler
Oak & Associates


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