Discover exactly what your top five Carrier Partners want to write in 2012

30 Nov

Create a script and interview your top five Carrier partners to discover exactly what they want to write in 2012.

Talk to both your direct underwriter and your marketing representative. All underwriters have favorite classes of business and feel they can be successful competing on that class. If you need help with your script let us know here at the Insurance Community Center and I will help you.

The story behind the sales tip. 2011 has been a disastrous year for losses. Profits are down 67% prior to Irene and the East Coast Snow event. Combined Ratios are approximately 110%. Please look at a PowerPoint from Insurance Information Institute this information was created for a speech given by Robert P. Hartwig, Ph.D., CPCU, President & Economist on November 15th 2011.
You can begin to understand why change will be coming and that it will affect you.

Here are my suggestions:
1. Conduct market interviews
2. Find your top five product opportunities for 2012
3. Create you plan for 2012 (ICC free webinar in December will be on Planning for Success 2012 given by David Estrada from Rainmaker Advisory)
4. Plan for contacting your present clients now to build your relationships
5. Enjoy the tumultuous ride because if have planned well 2012 will be your best year in a long time.



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