Avoid the Pitfalls of Insurance Proposals & Submissions

09 Jul

It is sad but true that most of the mistakes that an insurance agency makes are in the very beginning of the sales process.  Key to writing the correct insurance coverages and offering sufficient limits is to understand the customer’s specific needs whether it is the personal lines client or business customer.  The process of constructing an insurance program is to ask the right questions of our prospect/customer; determine the exposures; and proposing the appropriate insurance solutions with an insurance carrier that has the coverages and pricing that work for that specific client.

Most errors or omissions are a result of the processing of identifying risk and obtaining the correct coverage.  There must be accuracy from the risk identification/documentation; TO the proposal; TO the application for coverage: TO the binder: TO the Certificates of Insurance; TO the actual policy(ies) issued.

Join the Insurance Community Center/University for their class on Proposals and Submissions.  Learn what you MUST do and how to avoid the pitfalls.  The Instructor for the class is Casey Roberts, CIC, AFIS, ACSR and President of Laurus Insurance Consulting.

The LIVE online webinar class is this Wednesday at 12pm ET.  Register Here.


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