Insuring Wineries and What You Need To Know

10 Jul

The barrel room at Byington Winery in Los Gato...

There are NO two wineries that are exactly alike which makes insuring wineries so difficult.  The process involves understanding the winery operation; identifying the exposures; reviewing the risk management protocols the winery has in place; reviewing contracts the insured was assumed as to the contractual transfers and insurance requirements; and choosing the right insurance program to meet their needs.

The Insurance University is presenting a Winery Class specifically geared to identifying exposures and understanding specialty winery coverages.   This class is sponsored by AmWINS that has designed a Winery Insurance Program that is very comprehensive and unique in its insurance solutions.  The class will be presented by both Gary Delucchi, Vice President of AmWINS Insurance Brokerage of California and Laurie Infantino, President of the Insurance Community/University.

Understanding the winery operation is a lot more than just a GREAT glass of wine; but, ultimately it is all about that glass of wine! Join us to learn more.

The live online webinar class is this Thursday at 12 pm ET. For more information and to register, click here.


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