What do Encryption and E & O have in common?

11 Jul

They both start with “E” and Failure to Encrypt could mean E & O or WORSE!

Community Webinar Announcement: July 17th at 10am PST
The Five Key Issues You Must Understand about Encryption
Conducted by: Seacoast Telecom/Link2Exchange/ ZixCorp

It is never ending–and darn right discouraging that there is something else we have to worry about transactionally in our insurance offices that could cause us serious problems. Failure to follow the protocols of encryption could not only lead us to being sued by our customers but can be a violation of privacy laws in effect. According to a Ponemon Institute study, insecure channels account for the majority of data leaks. These mistakes are not only unprofessional, they are often illegal. HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, and SOX, state that data security laws and guidance from FFIEC agencies are no longer optional.

Some of the questions you must ask as you audit your own company’s encryption protocols are:
1. Does the agency management system you utilize have the required encryption?
2. Are your confidential emails truly protected by your Agency Management System?
3. Do any of your employees email outside of the Agency Management System?
4. Do any of your employees use their IPADS or phones to text information that could be considered confidential?

It is not only what you SEND—it could be what you RECEIVE.
Recipients receiving unencrypted emails, including your customers, patients, third-party organizations, business associates, strategic partners, and regulators may all be at risk.

Our presenters are leaders in the field of email services and encryption. Seacoast Telecom/Link2Exchange is a cloud service broker who has partnered with the leader in encryption technology, ZixCorp. To ensure privacy and compliancy, ZixCorp encrypted email solutions proactively scan for sensitive information based on defined corporate policies. If confidential material is found, it can either be blocked or sent encrypted. Each solution integrates with any corporate or Web based email system.

Don’t jeopardize your customer loyalty and company reputation and face the financial cost of defending yourself in a lawsuit or be found in violation of laws in effect. Attend this seminar so you can assess your operation and implement necessary changes right away.

Written by: 
Laurie Infantino AFIS, CISC, CIC, CRIS, ACSR, CISR
President, Insurance Community Center


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