Let’s Sell Life Insurance in 2013 Improving our Bottom Line

04 Oct


As we round the corner to 2013, we are all in the budget process and hopeful that our profitability will improve next year. We have already learned to work lean and mean by decreasing our work staff but now we have to look to new ways to make money WITHOUT adding overhead.

The Insurance Community Center and University has a solution for you.

Our world has changed. Ten years ago or more, our property and casualty insurance companies were begging us to sell their life products offering us special trips and prizes tied into life sales. That just is not happening anymore, few property and casualty companies are pushing the life sales with the exception of many of the direct writers. So it amounts to us not having pro-active markets; not being enthused by the sale and passing up the sale—missing the revenue that would be a natural add on to our book of business.

Over the past 30 years, I have talked to many Property and Casualty brokers about adding life Insurance products to their product offerings, rounding out their own accounts. Depending on the size of the agency, we have heard a lot of reasons why they are NOT selling life insurance or how they are attempting to create that sale such as:

We do not want to sell life insurance because:
1. We are a P & C shop and don’t want to get into the life area
2. We are a P & C shop and have no one that knows anything about life
3. We don’t have the time!

We would like to make money selling life insurance, but:
1. We would have to add a life producer to our agency
2. We would have to cross train one of our over-worked P & C people to sell and handle life insurance
3. We would have to refer the life client to the one branch office that handles life insurance
4. We have a relationship with a life agent that gives us a split on the commission
All of these excuses or solutions amount either to lost revenue (premium leakage) or incurring additional overhead expense.

For those P & C agents that have attempted to enter the life industry, many of them have crashed and burned in the process: For those P & C agents that have adopted the procedure of referring their trusted clients to an outside entity, not only are they losing control and revenue but also putting that customer in contact with a firm that is not branded as part of our operation. Whether it is a life wholesaler from one of your carriers, or a firm that you are collaborating with, you still have the issues of trust and access.
We have to approach this New Year with a new directive—to increase our revenue in writing life insurance WITHOUT overburdening our staff or add more overhead cost. By every study that LIMRA has published over the last 20 years the Life Insurance market is under served, fewer people than ever are being contacted about Life Insurance and by all accounts there are fewer agents selling the product. With the contraction of the retail distribution system selling Life Insurance over the past 20 years there are fewer agents being trained to sell the Life Insurance products – so competition, especially for the more complex and lucrative sales is getting lighter and lighters spelling out opportunity for producers.

By partnering with Quick life, you can remove the barriers and expense to writing life insurance. The Quick Life platform solves the structural problems.

Quick Life creates an immediate back office support system, which eliminates the overhead needed to create a life and annuity department. Quick Life is a delivery system that produces consistent results.

Quick Life Structure:
• Provides online quoting of competitive carriers
• Factors in health issues before underwriting
• Allows application taking from all carriers over the phone
• Takes over all parts of the underwriting process, including examinations and signatures
• Facilitates appointments with needed carriers
• Has concierge service which eliminates any producer time
• Will assist in the servicing of in force policies.
• Provides street compensation to the producer

Quick Life Delivery:
• Is structured to allow greater capacity
• Utilizes existing staff
• Integrates internal social media and technology based marketing systems to existing and new clients
• Allows for involvement and control by broker, without commensurate time commitment
I have been using this platform myself for the past 4 years and it has allowed me to create a structure that historically would have required time and capital. Quick Life is working together with the Insurance Community Center to make this platform available to all of its members. For details, please visit – or contact Insurance Community Center Attend our seminar on October 11th titled Sales Opportunities in Life & Annuities—An Introduction to Quick Life taught by George Fraser, Director of Marketing for Quick Life.
This could be the most valuable hour you spend preparing to succeed in 2013.

Written by:
Laurie Infantino AFIS, CISC, CIC, CRIS, ACSR, CISR
President, Insurance Community Center
George C. Fraser III,
Director of Marketing
Quick Life



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