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Italian Court Convicts 7 Scientists For Failing To Predict Earthquake

October 22, 2012 Fox News.Com


Locator map of the province of L'Aquila, in Italy.


I was shocked when I read this article while cruising all the news stories on my IPAD at 2am.  I had to re-read it first thing in the morning to make sure I had not dreamed up this crazy story.  Could this be a new trend in litigation that could happen to us here in the United States?  This was a criminal charge made against the scientists but what could stop the victims (especially here) in filing civil suits against those who did not make the right predictions.  If you think this is “crazy” read on……


L’AQUILA, Italy – Defying assertions that earthquakes cannot be predicted, an Italian court convicted seven scientists and experts of manslaughter Monday for failing to adequately warn residents before a temblor struck central Italy in 2009 and killed more than 300 people.


The court in L’Aquila Monday evening handed down six-year-prison sentences to the defendants, members of a national “Great Risks Commission.” The defendants were accused in the indictment of giving “inexact, incomplete and contradictory information” about whether small tremors felt by L’Aquila residents in the weeks and months before the April 6, 2009, quake should have constituted grounds for a quake warning. Prosecutors had sought convictions and four-year sentences during the trial. They argued in court that the L’Aquila disaster was tantamount to “monumental negligence,” and cited the devastation wrought in the southern United States in 2005 when levees failed to protect the city of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.


Earthquakes are, of course, nearly impossible to predict, seismologists say. In fact, according to the website for the USGS, no major quake has ever been predicted successfully.


“Neither the USGS nor Caltech nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake,” reads a statement posted on the USGS website. “They do not know how, and they do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future.” The verdict also calls for damage payments that could add up to hundreds of thousands of euros, Science magazine wrote.


The article specifically references “negligence” or “monumental negligence”.  It also refers to the “damage payments” that are due from the scientists.  And, the article refers to Hurricane Katrina with the levees failing—putting that loss in the same category of their earthquake.  Are they pointing a finger that we, too, should be filing criminal cases against—who…..And seeking damages from people who were negligent in warning about the potential of the levee failing?  This article has even more impact as we are living through the effects of Hurricane Sandy and the unexpected and incomprehensible damage it has caused.


Let’s hope the Italian approach to their disaster does not set any trends in our country.


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Winery Update – What you need to know when insuring a winery. Join us for tomorrow’s webinar.

Wine press in Almaden winery. San Jose, Califo...

The “winery” industry is one of the most complex and fast growing businesses in the country.

All fifty states now have winery operations. Attend this one hour overview of “Winery Update—What you need to know when insuring a winery” taught by a leading expert in the field; Gary Delucchi, Vice President of AmWINS Insurance Brokerage of California.

This one hour informational seminar will cover:
• What’s New in the Industry
• It is all about identifying “exposure” and “risk”—no two winery risks are alike
• Valuation—you’ll find out what it really means at the time of loss
• Contamination—it happens! How do the forms respond


Class Information:
Date: Tomorrow, April 4
Time: 1pm Eastern
Location: Online Webinar
Cost: Free

The seminar will last one hour and is sponsored by AmWINS at no cost to the participants. Class size is limited so enroll now to secure your place in class.

More information to come. Sponsored by AMWINS


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Integrated Disability Management for Insurance Professionals

By way of definition, integrated disability or IDM is a coordinated approach to administration, management of information, managed medical and disability services, claim payment, and communication of all benefits available to employees. This course will focus on the various types of voluntary and statutory disability benefits available to employees. An IDM strategy, when adopted, can work to reduce the overall cost of disability to an employer. It can also be the catalyst for developing and implementing policies and procedures for managing leaves of application. The consistent application of coordinated and integrated policies can also work to avoid the potential pitfalls of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

During this workshop, we will discuss the following:
Sick leave policies
• Short and long term disability coverage
Disability pension and retirement
Workers’ compensation
State disability insurance, where applicable
Social Security Disability Income Benefits Through the use of a case study, we will also review the interplay between voluntary and statutory benefits.

2 Hour CE Class

Date: Wednesday, April 4
Time: 12pm Eastern
Cost: $50 (plus state fees where applicable)


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Installation Floater and Contractors Equipment CE Course for Insurance Professionals

The Installation Floater provides coverage for the materials, supplies, labor and profit of subcontractors for their portion of a building project. The Installation Floater coverage ends when the contractor’s portion of the project is complete. The policy is typically written on an annual basis and covers all work in progress. The purpose of the Contractors Equipment Floater is to provide coverage for loss or damage to business tools and equipment.

1. Reasons to purchase an Installation Floater 2. Covered Property/Excluded Property 3. Coverage Locations/territory/valuation 4. Contractors Equipment eligible and non-eligible property 5. Limits and Coverage Structure and review

2 Hour CE Class

Date: Thursday March 29
Time: 12pm Eastern
Cost: $50 (plus state fees where applicable)


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Ways to Develop into An Effective Well being Insurance coverage Agent – Ideas For Aspiring Insurance Agents

Ways to Develop into An Effective Well being Insurance coverage Agent – Ideas For Aspiring Insurance Agents.

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Interactive Insurance CE Webinar Tomorrow – Website Review 2 Credits

Most businesses today have a website. Agents and brokers need to review their insured’s website, recognize the risk exposures that can be determined by the information contained on that website. In tomorrow’s class we will spend two hours discussing the key areas that you need to know.  Click here to view more webinar information.

Join us!
Date: Tuesday, March 29
Time: 12pm EST
Cost: $50

Register Here!

This class reviews five key exposures and includes the following: 

1. Web site used for promotion only or includes sales on-line
2. Company profile – background information
3. Products and services, locations and territories
4. Employees: permanent and temporary locations, out of state, out of country
5. Dependency on other websites – frames and links

Our CE webinars are more than just CE classes, they are informative and interactive and important to both licensed and unlicensed insurance professionals.

For a complete listing of topics visit Questions? Contact us at

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Cal State Fullerton announces partnership with the Insurance Community Center

This is the mark of the athletics program at C...Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Insurance Studies and the Insurance Community Center/University has formed a new partnership. The new partnership is to support insurance education for insurance professionals and students involved in undergraduate and graduate insurance studies.

About the Partnership
Dr. Weili Lu, the Director of the Center for Insurance Studies at Cal State Fullerton and
Laurie Infantino CIC, AFIS, CISC, CRIS, CISR, the President of the Insurance Community University are proud to announce that they have formed a strategic alliance to provide quality educational products and webinars to the student body of Cal State Fullerton. Cal State Fullerton currently has undergraduate and MBA programs specializing in Risk Management and Insurance. In addition, it also has undergraduate programs in Actuarial Science and Insurance Marketing Entrepreneurship

“Dr. Weili Lu and I share a long standing commitment to insurance education with a goal to provide professional training to individuals currently involved in the insurance industry and to provide education to college students who will be entering the industry upon their graduation,” quotes Laurie Infantino.

“The insurance industry is always looking for new talent, especially those that have insurance training. What be􀆩er resource then a university that
specializes in insurance and in providing new talent to our industry.” quotes Marjorie Segale, AFIS, CISC, RPLU, CIC, CRIS, ACSR, CISR—Director of Education of Insurance Community/University.

Cal State Fullerton currently has undergraduate and MBA programs specializing in Risk Management and insurance. In addition, it also has undergraduate programs in Actuarial Science and Insurance
Marketing Entrepreneurship. It is the largest insurance education program west of the Mississippi. According to Dr. Lu, this partnership will greatly encourage students to focus on their career development by taking these highly professional courses, which will give them insights into the working facets of the insurance industry.
The Insurance Community University offers products, resources  and classes that qualify for CE in many states. The University charges one flat tuition fee per agency per year and everyone in the agency can a􀆩end the classes or utilize the products. By joining the University through this process you help donate to the success of our future insurance generation at Cal State Fullerton.

Sign up today and begin your support of the future talent of our insurance industry.

Contact Us:
Laurie Infantino, CIC, AFIS, CISC, CRIS, CISR
(714) 803-5830

Dr. Weili Lu
Center for Insurance Studies
(657) 278-3679

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