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Ethics in the Workplace – Six (6) Points To Consider

1) Define your values – remember this is what you are willing to enforce and live to…so make certain that you

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can and will do just that.

2) If you post it, you MUST practice it – walk the talk and talk the walk

3) Integrate it into your workplace – measure it and incorporate it into your everyday processes

4) Watch for the “slippery slope” – make certain that there is a “line in the sand” aver which NO ONE can step…once beyond that line things tend to get a bit slippery

5) Be above reproach – Stay WAY above your line in the sand. It makes it easier to live with that line every day.

6) Get past your self-protective behavior – you are going to make mistakes. When you do own up to them promptly, it is far better for you, your organization and all of those folks you work with on a regular basis.

Written By:

Casey Roberts, ACSR, AFIS, CIC
Laurus Insurance Consulting 


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Education for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance training is about a lot MORE than just fulfilling your minimum state continuing education requirements. It is about learning about the insurance industry and the various types of insurance that you need to be offering your customers.

The Insurance Community University has set up learning tracks based on your specialty that are divided into five major categories: Commercial Lines; Personal Lines; Employee Benefits; Contractors; and Agriculture. Some classes are appropriate for more than one of the tracks such as Ethics. Get on Track today!

Coming March & April:
Commercial Lines:
Cyber Liability, Products Liability and Products Recall, Website Review, E & O, Manufacturers Insurance Coverages that are Unique & Essential to Consider
Personal Lines:
Website Review, E & O, Homeowners
Employee Benefits:
Integrated Disability, E & O
Installation and Equipment Floater, E & O, Construction Contracts
E & O

Non Members: $50.00

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University Subscribers:
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