About Laurie Infantino

Today, Laurie is a Co Founder of the Insurance Community Center and University websites which allow insurance agents from around the country locate information, network with colleagues, access training tools and participate in CE courses via webinar.  Information can be found at

Laurie began her insurance carrier in 1969.  Her experience in the insurance industry included account handling for insurance brokers and agents;  producer for both  retail and wholesale accounts; designer of specialty programs in various markets including florists/nurseries and the clothing industries;  and, management of an insurance agency.  In 1977 Laurie co-founded Insurance Skills Center (ISC), Inc with Patty Carlson.  During her career as president of ISC she designed and taught numerous insurance courses for both personal and commercial lines topics. She conducted audits for insurance brokers on specific accounts as well as operational procedures.  The procedure manual which she authored is widely used by agents and brokers to establish the correct standards and procedures for operating their firms.  Other products Laurie developed include: the Insurance Examinator;   Dial-A-Coverage (co-authored by Patty Carlson); coverage checklists; and, Business Income Audio tapes.  Laurie is well known in the agricultural insurance industry for having contributed to the creation of the agricultural designation, AFIS, and continues to play a key role in the program by teaching and consulting on the curriculum.

Laurie received her CIC designation in 1987 and became one of the first female instructors on the teaching team.  She teaches both the CIC curriculum and advanced courses taught at Rubles throughout the country.  Laurie has served as an expert witness and has been a guest journalist for The Insurance Journal and for many years authored The Coverage Corner articles.


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